SAHABAT AIR -The Fellowship Of Water IN ACTION

The Fellowship of Water In Action

The Fellowship of Water In Action

Sahabat Air (The Fellowship Of Water)

play important role in environmental management and we have to give pressure to the government to make improvement in environmental management. In effort to raise youth awareness To save human from scarcity and involved youth to monitoring waterqality.



Sahabat Air (The Fellowship Of Water)  need to increase youth understanding on the river ecosystem through environmental interpretation, training, river expedition and information dispersion by radio, television and the website. The priority will be given to involve youth that live near the river. The youth represented by some students from junior and senior high school in east java. Youth will become the ancestor of the river in the future, so they have to take apart in the river protection from degradation in order to preserve the healthy river condition as the main drinking water source. This program was expected to make positive influence to the youth’s perception on the environment.

Sahabat Air (The Fellowship Of Water) Participant

 Youth that live near the river could become the volunteer as River Interpreter through registration and attended the interpreter training. The people component could be come from students and youth, river front residents, riparian land farmers, industrial workers, or the government. 

Sahabat Air (The Fellowship Of Water)   in Action:


March 23-27, 2007

1.    Workshop for Youth

  Biomonitoring of Water Quality becoming River Watcher andStrengthening the capacity    of student organization


May-June 2008

2.   River’s Biodiversity  Exploration. Flora and fauna identification, The Fellowship Of Water has been succes identify more than 122 Species of herbal plan, 79 insect, 56 macroinvertebratae at Brantas river-eastjava


June-August 2008

3.    River’s Pollution Inventarisation. Investigation the mainsource waterpollution in the river. On June 2008 the The Fellowship Of Water found more than 21 effluent of industry that disposal wastewater without treatment.


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