Governor Imam Agree to Fulfill Ecoton’s Petition

Governor of East Java finally agree to fulfill petition from Ecoton, an organization for ecological observation and wetland conservation. In the continuation trial between Ecoton and Governor of East Java Province at Regional State Court in Surabaya yesterday, both parties agree to
Through his legal representative, Djoko Mardiono, Governor Imam Utomo (defendant) agrees to fulfill 2 of 3 petitions from Ecoton (plaintiff). “If both parties agree for resolution, we will articulate the agreement in
the final decision on next 10 April,” said the Chief of Judges Committee.The Judges Committee orders Governor to formulate Governor Decree to setting up total maximum daily load of Surabaya River and commence the proposed water use of Surabaya River up to six months after inauguration
of Regional Regulation East Java Province No.2 / 2008 about water quality management and water pollution control in East Java Province.
The judge committee orders Badan Pengendalian Dampak Lingkungan or Environmental Impact Management Board in East Java Province to immediately setting up guidance for counting total maximum daily load of Surabaya River and commence the total maximum daily load of Surabaya River as
Governor Regulation not exceeding 12 months after commencing Regional
Regulation East Java Province No.2 / 2008.
The judge did not fulfill the third petition of plaintiff that request the Governor to shut down the polluter industries in Surabaya River watershed. However, alternatively, Governor agreed to punish the polluter industries that break the regulation in waste water disposal or dispose hazardous
waste into Surabaya River.
Principally, all of our petition pointers have been responded. While waiting for the implementation, we agree to resolution, “said Director of Ecoton, Prigi Arisandi. Djoko said that Governor will immediately implement the resolution agreement with the plaintiff party.
The legal representative of Ecoton, Muhammad Syaiful Aris said that if the time limit stated above is exceeded and the defendant do not fulfill the resolution, we will consider the Governor as wanprestasi or break the resolution, and we will sue him again.
According to Aris, Governor’s initiative to resolution with the plaintiff to improve public policy is the first time happened in East Java and we appreciate this decision, he said.
The legal action by Ecoton to Governnor was started from the Ecoton’s anxiety that notice Governor to not having commitment on Surabaya River safety. Although, according to Prigi, Governor should enforce National Government Regulation No. 82/2001 concerning water quality management and water
pollution control. According to Prigi, since 1987, the Governor of East Java has never been
issuing new regulation to protect Surabaya River. “Even in Governor Imam Utomo leadership since 2001,”he said.
Based on a study of Ministry of Environment Indonesia, said Prigi, Surabaya River is soaked with 74 tons of hazardous waste every day.“Ideally it is only 30 ton of waste per day. So, even if the present waste
load is reduced to 50%, it is not enough, “he said. The solution is to shut down some factories or relocation.” The water pollution load of Surabaya River, said Prigi, about 85% of the
load generated by 4 paper factories and 1 MSG factory.


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